Kids Club

This Japanese bamboo cutlery set by Funfam is designed to teach kids table manners. The firm finally delivers overseas too!

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Get To Work

This simple desktop accessory is a handy storage solution for pens, scissors and other work paraphernalia. The two ceramic pots are designed for plants. Fabrica designer Giorgia Zanellato explains, “Having plants next to a desk makes you scientifically more productive.” Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.35.37 Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.35.43

Paper Cut

Japanese paper artist Yasuyuki Wada specialises in intricate paper crafts and his menagerie of animals in his Injan studio caught our eye.

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Plant Life

Beautiful French candle brand Carrière Frères dates back to 1884 and candle scents are inspired by exotic, indigenous oils that were of interest to botanists of the 18th century.

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Plating up in Pantone

Love this new recipe website that groups dishes into their colour category. Called Chromatic Suppers, it was designed by talented graphic designer Silke Klinnert.

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Vera & Kyte

During Milan’s annual I Salone design fair, the Salone Satellite section at the main Fiera is a great place to find upcoming design talent. This year’s Norwegian turnout was strong and a particularly eye-catching stand was design outfit Vera Kyte. Headed by Norwegian Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte, the duo specialise in furniture, architecture and interiors. Particular highlights were their take on the day bed and a chirpy blue wardrobe-cum-room divider complete with mirror and hooks.




Black Ceramics

Russian Dymov Ceramics was founded in 2003 in town of Suzdal. The products reference ancient Russian ceramic manufacturing techniques. This line of black polished ceramics were on display last week at Gallery Rossana Orlandi  during Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2014 together with hot property Venetian designer Luca Nichetto. Available for contract and restaurants too according to the website.

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Porridge Pot

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Winter Woollies

Japanese Nendo’s new maple wood furniture range for Walt Disney Japan is based on Winnie the Pooh characters. Although the resemblance isn’t apparent, knitted jumpers for example reference those worn by the infamous A A Milne bear.

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Craft vs Technology

Although purist designers may lament the advent of technology, the friendly chaps at London’s Vitamin studio are embracing it by combining traditional craft and cutting edge production techniques. These Element Vessels combine CNC and Rapid Prototyping mixed with traditional processes that include wood turning, glass blowing, metal turning and Glass cutting with materials that include silver, polished steel, marble, American black walnut and cork.  A limited edition of these stacked vessels were based on children’s stackable toys.

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Coffee fix

This pastel pretty “Sucabaruca” coffee set is designed by the now prolific Venetian designer Luca Nichetto in collaboration with Lera Moiseeva, for Canadian store and studio Mjölk Design. Hand-engraved, the cone-shaped body is based on Carmencia, a tv character created by Armando Testa in 1966 for tv show “Carosello”. Thetray is made from Canadian Maple wood.

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